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Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Hi Tara,

I owe you everything, my life was so shitty and my health was going down the pan and you showned me that I am unique and loveable. I owe you everything because what you have done for me is more than life. All money in the world couldn't pay what you've given back to me. I will always be grateful to ypu.

Thank you my love

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United Kingdom

Thank you for my treatment, it was spot on and am still working with it. You were extremely professionaal and patient with me.

I can't find out how to put this review on your page but you were amazing and I highly recommend you to tveryone. Thank you again

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Harrow, United Kingdom

You were so kind from the minute I spoke with you, I felt at ease with you. Your patience with me made me cry in a good way. I've never had anyone be so patient and caring when we had my treatment/session there was no judgement.

i feel so uplifted and so much mroe in control of my life. I am sleeping through the night (another reason I left review until now) because I wondered if the sleeping was going to be like a few days and wear off but it hasn't. I know I need a few mmore sessions with you now and I can't wat. Thank you for everything so far.

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Amazing Cient


Morning I would like to say a big thanks to Tara. I'm a type 2 diabetic and been having close to death high sugar up to 38.32 in a bad way couldn't get them sugars down using slow insulin and fast acting with no joy. very very worrying times.

Tara gave me healing and hypnotherapy the first day down to 14. today woke up 6.7. I can recommend Tara, big thanks from me and my family. I listen to your recording everyday and night so so happy and relaxed. Tara you are an angel, Doctors couldn't sort me out from beginning to think my days was numbered until your intervention. Thank you so much from all of us